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Banquet/Year-end party/Party

Can be used for a wide range of purposes, including private parties.


[15:00~] It is now easier to decide on the details of parties and banquets, which we have been consulting on for some time.𓂃𓂂𖡼☆

Drinking parties on weekday nights (15:00-22:00) are available for parties of 4 or more.


special party

Please consult with us to discuss your preferred food and serving style.

We can also decorate your room 𓂃𓂂𖡼

Please enter your budget


Chicken hotpot course

Garlic-flavored soup stock and plump chicken.

Enjoy our signature chicken hotpot.

​1 serving 2000 yen


My party

You can easily host the party of your choice.


Loving CAFE Enjoyment Set

​From Loving CAFE's food menu

We will prepare meals with recommended combinations to suit your budget. You can also request menus that you would like to include when making your reservation.


stylish party food

We will prepare dishes that are perfect for your party, including food menus that are not on the Loving CAFE menu.

​You can request detailed requirements when making your reservation.



Banquet food that goes well with alcohol

We will prepare food including a food menu that goes well with alcohol, which is not on the Loving CAFE menu.

Please write down the type of alcohol you would like to enjoy together.

​Select: Japanese style/Western style/Both


Course meal

We will prepare course meals to suit your budget.

You can request any ingredients you would like included when making your reservation.

Recommended for anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

Please try requesting something like this 𓂃 𓈒𓏸


Cancellation fee for cancellation due to customer convenience

Reservation request ~ Cancellation up to 8 days in advance: 5,000 yen
Cancellation within 7 days: 100% pre-booked food fee
Unauthorized cancellation: Food fee for same-day reservations + 20,000 yen


“I came here with a friend who loves beer.

I would like the menu to be centered around meat dishes and foods that go well with beer.

Also, I don't like cheese, so I'd like you to refrain from eating it. ”

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“I would like to use it for a girls' night out.I would like to have party-style food.

I like carpaccio. I have a birthday child, so I would like to decorate them with birthday plates and flags...”


NABE Reserve

Gathering time around a special hot pot

Our chicken hot pot uses juicy chicken thighs from Tokushima Prefecture.

Dashi soup with garlic

Fresh and sweet vegetables

Also as the main meal

Great for closing a drinking party

A product that we can recommend with confidence

​Limited to winter.

Chicken hotpot price list

  Chicken hotpot 1 serving 2,000 yen

Additional menu

・Yuzu-scented chicken meatballs 1 serving (3 pieces) 350 yen

・1 bowl of udon 150 yen

・1 bowl of Chinese noodles 150 yen

・rice porridge set 500 yen per person

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