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Seat reservation

Terms of use

It is a condition of use that all visitors must read and agree to the terms of use.
If you have made a reservation, please be sure to share the terms and conditions with your guests.

For customers with children

Please be sure to read it.

I hope it will be useful when you visit us.

​Updated from time to time

For customers with dogs

Please be sure to read it.

BBQ reservation

Cheese fondue party reservation

Banquet/party reservation


★ 5/18(土)8周年祭
・11:00〜15:00ランチ通常営業 ー生演奏イベントありー(2
17:00〜22:00 FREE BBQ PARTY 
​詳細はラビングのSNSで随時公開中★ ▶︎Instagramへジャンプ


  • ❏4名がけ ❏窓際 ❏ソファ ※スピーカー前のお席ですご注意ください。

  • ❏4名座敷 ※座席の空き状況により4名以上でのご予約も可能です お取りできない場合、ご連絡させていただきます。

  • ❏4名座敷 ❏子連れ専用席 座席の空き状況により4名以上でのご予約も可能です お取りできない場合、ご連絡させていただきます。

  • ❏2名座敷 ❏窓際 囲炉裏のお席なのでテーブルは小さめです

  • ❏2名テーブル ❏テラス (手前のテーブルです)

  • ❏2名テーブル ❏テラス (奥側のテーブルです)

  • ❏2名テーブル ❏テラス

  • ❏4名テーブル ❏秘密基地 ❏ワンちゃん連れok

  • ❏2名テーブル ❏秘密基地 ❏ワンちゃん連れok

  • ❏最大3名 ❏テラス ❏ワンちゃん連れok


Choose your seat

From Saturday, March 16th to Sunday, April 7th, there will be two shifts for lunch on weekdays.

Even if there is a reservation slot, the exit time will be the same as the end time of the relevant section.

Click here for details

Promise to bring children


Our restaurant is a place where you can relax and enjoy chatting while having a meal.
Please supervise your children to ensure that they do not run around or act violently .

❌Do not let them stand or jump on the sofa.
Please follow the staff's instructions.

About seats
​ Our shop is an old private house, so the window glass is very thin and rare.
To ensure safety, customers with children will only be seated in Omoya 3.
Seats are covered with waterproof sheets. Children should eat and drink on their seats.

About the garden
There are dangerous areas for children on our premises, such as stone walls and pools.
When going out into the garden, please be sure to hold hands with a parent and walk slowly.
In addition, the plants and streams on the premises are managed by a gardener.
Disturbing the gravel or tearing up plants is prohibited.
Please be sure to read the terms of use.

About baby food
You may bring sweets and baby food for weaning infants.
Please feel free to ask our staff if you can warm it up.
We appreciate your cooperation so that everyone who visits our store can have a pleasant time at our store.

Promise to bring your dog

​ We also have customers who do not bring their dogs with them.
Please observe manners and rules.
Owners are responsible for any stains, damage, or damage.
Please be careful not to allow your dog to chew or play with it.

We are not responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur at our store.
If you wish to bring your dog with you, please read and approve the terms and conditions below

Before your visit
  1. Please brush your pet at home. (Brushing inside and outside the premises is prohibited)
Please wear manners pants and a leash in the parking lot .
1. Please be sure to wear a leash and manners pants.

2. When you arrive at the gravel area in front of the store, please use the intercom to call our staff.
I'm here to guide you. (You may not be able to leave immediately.)

3. Please be sure to hold your dog when entering areas other than the dog area.

4. Please take all trash home with you.

5. There is no dog run. Do not let go of the leash.

6.Dogs should not use our tableware.

​ 7, If you are sitting on a chair or on your lap, please use your own sheets.

Over-the-counter sale
Manners pants: M・SSS 300yen
Pet sheet for seat: 100yen
We appreciate your cooperation so that everyone who visits our store can have a pleasant time at our store.

Table list

Please refer to this table for reference when selecting a table.

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