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Transportation information

Yaoyoromanjin no Goten Our parking lot cannot be used during the cherry blossom viewing period.
The scheduled opening date of Akatani Bridge has been moved forward, and Yaoyoromanjin no Goten will be using the parking lot as a turning point.

Please enter the details of the vehicle you are visiting when making your reservation.

Please come to the store in one car per group.

Please check the information email.

Please check the parking lot location and route to avoid congestion.

Please be sure to reply to the email.

If we do not receive a reply, we will call you as we are in trouble if we do not receive the parking location information.

Please be sure to check your route on Google Maps before visiting our store.

Tourist information

🌼Yoyomanjin no Goten (late March to early April) 🚗15min
It is said that you can enjoy over 10,000 cherry blossoms at our famous cherry blossom viewing spot at the top of the mountain.

🌼Anabuki River 🚗 15min
About 15 minutes by car from our store, you can enjoy the clear water upstream of Anabuki River, where you can enjoy clearer water, and the downstream area is shallow and easy to play with, even with children.
There are many river play spots with restrooms and rest areas.
🌼Shikoku 88 places No. 88 Okuboji Temple 🚗 30min
Okuboji Temple is located about 30 minutes by car from our store.
It is a famous spot for the beautiful fall foliage of ginkgo and maple trees.
🌼Udatsu townscape 🚗15min
Wakimachi Udatsu townscape located about 15 minutes by car from our store
It is a good old townscape of Wakimachi where historical buildings from the mid-Edo period to the early Showa period line up for about 430 meters.
It is the second highest mountain in western Japan (1,955 meters above sea level) and is a sacred mountain that flourished as a mountain of mountain worship. The mountain can be climbed up to an altitude of 1,750m by lift, so everyone from children to adults can easily climb it, but you can also enjoy authentic mountain scenery such as alpine plants and skeletal forests.
🌼Iya Kazura Bridge 🚗1h30m
A suspension bridge made of Shirakuchikazura over the Nishi-Iya valley, 45m long, 14m above the water surface, and the gap between the bridge scaffolding is about 15cm...
It's very beautiful, but it's quite a thrill. The suspension bridge effect is outstanding 😆

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