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Uses charcoal burned in Mima City

Tender and juicy domestic beef cooked over special charcoal

You can enjoy BBQ without preparing anything. (One drink system)

Please make your reservation by Tuesday of the week you wish to use.


BBQ in Loview

You can enjoy BBQ without preparing anything. with a panoramic view.

Authentic taste made with carefully selected ingredients and charcoal


High-quality charcoal

The charcoal used in Rubbing BBQ is

We use special items carefully baked by craftsmen in Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture.

Enjoy carefully selected ingredients with the aroma of high-quality charcoal.


Special ingredients

Our specialty is extremely tender domestic beef and plump, juicy chicken breast. Fresh and sweet vegetables.

This is a BBQ where we are particular about the ingredients.


Enjoying the panoramic view

Fresh greenery, cherry blossoms, rainy season fog, and summer trees.

While enjoying the scenery of each season

Delicious food and time to talk

Spend your time as you like

  • 4 時間


BBQ basic fee (charcoal + grill + BBQ stove) 1 group 3,000yen

You can order food sets for as many people as you like.

There is no quantity limit.
You can also order the Loving food menu on the day.

​BBQ additional menu list

Domestic beef 200g 2,000 yen Chicken thigh 200g 700 yen Chicken wings 200g 600 yen Sausage 100g 400 yen White rice 300 yen Grilled rice ball dashi chazuke set 600 yen

We plan to prepare a small amount of everything other than meat on the day of the event.
Additional vegetables, white rice, sausage, etc.
You can also order from the Loving menu on the day.


The amount of meat will be determined by the amount ordered at the time of reservation.

Additional vegetables can be ordered on the day.

(You can order the cafe menu at the store on the day)

[Cancellation fee] If you cancel within 7 days before the date of use, a cancellation fee of 100% of the price of the food you ordered will be charged. )

[Date change within 7 days before the reservation date] (Due to rainy weather, you would like to change Saturday to Sunday, etc.)
Changes may not be accepted depending on reservation status. Please contact us.

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